resolved to live as free men

Many have asked,

Why is The Liberty Convention

in Fillmore?

When The Liberty Convention began in 2009, we looked at many venues across Utah. We chose Fillmore as the location for a number of reasons.

First of all, it has a central location for the state. I know it's a couple hours' drive from SLC, but it's 3 hours from many in Southern Utah as well. We're hoping to have delegates attend from many areas, so the central location is necessary.

When we went to check out the building, we were shown the beautiful "Legislative Hall" upstairs and I caught my breath. I felt that this beautiful place was built and has been waiting for such an important and almost sacred event.

This is the place first chosen as the capitol of "The State of Deseret," before Utah was brought into the Union. It reminded me very much of Independence Hall in Philadelphia. It is the place where the Liberty Convention was meant to be held.

Please don't let the location keep you away. You will not regret the opportunity to feel the spirit of this place and the people who will gather here.